Sunday 20th March 2016. Equestrian entertainment at its best, Merrist Wood Arena, Guildford

Carriage Driving Magazine Report

A write up for the Carriage Fair was featured in the well known driving publication 'Carriage Driving'. The report was as follows: -

Our weak economic climate had little influence on the South of England Carriage Fair, the first major event of our 2011 driving season. Trade stands reported satisfactory interest and the ringside seating was packed for most of the day. The organisers, Brockham Harness Club, have achieved the balance of entertainment, training and traditional interests perfectly. I know from my “Putting To” exhibition days, for those who can remember that far back, how difficult it is to find the right mix from the range of disciplines that make up carriage driving.

This year the club managed to produce a new trick out of the hat. Boyd Exell’s lorry drive into the ring, lowered the ramp and Boyd drove out of the lorry with his four-in-hand. The crowd were amazed. Boyd then followed up with a masterclass. This included a demonstration of how a navigator/backstepper works as part of a competition team. Seven volunteers from the audience did their best to guide him correctly through a course of obstacles. None of them managed it. This clearly demonstrated that the navigator is a major member in an HDT team, whether a single or multiple.